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30 Day Forensics Challenge

9. What other type of Forensics event would you do?

I have no idea. I love policy. And I need my partner to keep me sane. I don’t know how I would feel to speak in anything besides a spread during debates anymore… So not sure…

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"So what have you learned from debate?"



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30 Day Forensics Challenege

8. Write about your coach

Okay so my school has a very shaky coach situation at the moment.. We have a adult supervisor for a student led class who is staying but the actual debate coach we have is leaving this year. Its alright though cause we are getting back the debater that started our school’s success cause he graduates from grad school. and just no big deal that he broke at the NDT. He actually makes me super excited. Love him despite his fro and toooooo saggy pants. 

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30 Day Forensics Challenge

Missed a day.. so ill do 6-7 together.

Who are your best forensic friends?

Well besides my team, I think Aaron from Lane, Lenny from Payton, and Wes from Northside. Aaron is a sweetheart and a cutie pie. I love him. Lenny is a crazy person but super cool. When our teams carpool, he’s my bus buddy. Then there is Wes. We have a fan club for an amazing debater that we stalk. So yeah I think those 3 are my favs.

Have you or would you date someone in forensics?

I hooked up with a debater… I dont think Id ever do it again cause it just gets awkward cause you see them at tournaments all the time. so I dont think so.

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