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30 Day Forensics Challenge

4. Describe your team

I guess i will go person by person…..

First is my lovely partner, Court. She is the Treasurer and the biggest sweetheart on the entire planet. Like in the middle of spreading she stopped to say bless you. She is also terrified of everything but I don’t know what I would do without her

Next there is our A team- Jeron + Kat who are ranked like 5th in the country currently and are amazing at everything. They are gone pretty often winning tournaments and stuff but when they are in town, they are such amazing teachers. Love Keron Sasstrup.

Then there is Henry. Number one of the Bougie boys. He may come off like a jerk but he’s actually a good guy and a good debater. Hes one of the few people I would ever debate with besides Court. oh and I guess he’s the “president” otherwise known as admin schmoozer.

Next is Charlie aka the plaid clad lad. He’s number two of the Bougie bros. He’s super smart and really funny. Plus he is my train buddy. Love this kid. The shah of evidence is his job.

Then there is Sammie. He is such a goof ball. He is the founder of the passion equation and the teaching chair

There is also Carl and Sheen.( Matthew and Jose) they are just a bunch of novice cutie pies who look like characters from Jimmy Neutron…

Then there is me. Im the Chief Fascist. I’m alright i guess?

Everyone on my team is so perfect even if they weren’t listed here. We have such a good dynamic and we hope to continue the success that past war dolphins have supplied. This team is my second family.

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Soul Wars is a bandom rpg based on real time, with a slight twist. 
Tour with your friends or enemies and see if you’ve got what it takes to make it to the top. Will you make it? Or will it all come crashing down? But don’t forget, you’ve got two deities watching your every move. Are you damned, or will you be saved?


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30 Day Forensics Challenge

3. Write about your most embarrassing moment at  a tournament

I think it had to be at the last tournament this year. I was wearing a very long maxi skirt and got into the auditorium late after my octofinals round so i had to sit on the floor. They were calling speaker awards and called my name and i proceeded to trip over my skirt while getting up to get my award.. Im too clumsy to wear long skirts… but I think thats my only really embarrassing moment.

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